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Dorset Fell and Dales Show

The Dorset Fells and Dales Show would like to thank the following people and firms for sponsoring classes at the 2018 show.

Without sponsors the show would not be able to run.

Anne Biggs
Bethany Griffiths
CK Communications
Clare Wong
Cob Rebuild Massage Therapist
Diana McGrail
Georgina Blair
Gill Davies
Hardy Hooves, Abi Hardy Farrier
Janet Blair
Jessica Talbot/Helen Jeans
Kalmara Ponies
Kynaston Dales
Lindsey Tropman
Lychfields Stud
Lydvale Fell Ponies
Mary Biggs
Michael Goddard
Mrs. M.A. Moss
Richmond Fells
Roaringbay Fell Ponies
Sharron Camp
Shirley Worth - Worth Training
Sue Howes
Sunglow Stud
Tony and Helen Parker